So, who am i.

Well in short, i am a nerdy, training enthusiastic vegan.

So lets break down that label into parts and explain them


Well partly i am nerdy in the old fashion geek way. I love computer games and such. I have spent most my life around computers in all shapes, forms and sizes.
I also enjoy fantasy (Movies, books and games) as well as anime/manga and roleplaying games.
The nerdyness also takes the form of me reading shitloads of information on every subject which i take intrest in (which is quite a few).

Training enthusiastic:

I have been training in one form or the other for the better part of my life. Started with pushups and my dads dumbells when i was like 5-6 years and a few year later got myself a membership to a real gym.
I spent quite some time only lifting weights. But lately i have found both running as well as gymnastics/calisthenics, to be fun and rewarding as well.
I began running a couple years back about the time when i stopped training Shotokan. The main goal at the time was to be able to run 10k.
Once that was achieved i thought i should run it under 60 min. Then under 50 min..
Once 10k felt like a breeze, i thought i should try for a half Marathon, said and done and the next year i ran my first half (finshing, after an insane sprint, with 9 seconds to spare, under my set goal 2 hours) a couple of days after that i register for a full Marathon.
A Marathon which i 8 months later finshed a couple minutes under my set goal of 4 hours.
I must admit that i have some urges for longer runs, but the biggest issue is that it take so much time training for, and even if I enjoy training, and trust me I do, I need at least some time for other things besides training as well.
So i will probably stick with a Marathon or two per year and then a couple of shorter distances races for good measure, Half Marathon is by the way my favourite distance.
As mentioned i combine the running with some strength and gymnastics to keep myself in an overall good shape.

My personal bests are not very impressive, but i think that is partly because of me not focusing on one form of training, and on top of that a total lack of talent . Every progress i make is due to hard work and my body doesn’t give me shit for free. Which make the progression slow but all the more enjoyable.

Speaking of personal bests mine are as follow (i am not close to any of them right now though)

5k (road) –  22:21
5k (threadmill) – Haven’t really tried to max but under 22 i know i have done in training.
10k (road) – 45:59
10k (threadmill) – 44:28
Halfmarathon – 1:42
Marathon – 3:48

Benchpress – 127,5kg
Deadlift – 197,5kg
Squat – 150kg
Chins/pullups – 22 reps
Dips – 35 reps

The last 4-5 years i’ve also dedicated some efforts into losing weight. Pretty successfully if i might say so myself (about 30kg gone)



Well not much to say about that, its not that interesting to talk about, its my personal choice to live plant based no more no less.
Primarly since i feel better with that diet.
Another aspect of it is of course that i really think that the meat and diary industry is really fucked up and not sustainable.
I have been Vegan for a total of soon 10 years and have about 2 years as vegetarian as well.


Other than what is mentioned above. hmm, what more is there to say about me.

Well as you have probably figured out by now English is not my native language so there is probably some really strange things going on. Both for spelling and mostly of all grammar. One of the reasons i choose to write in English is infact that I want to improve.

I have through my life had a lot of interests.
For example i have regulary spent time on one or several of the things below at one or more time in my life..

Roleplaying games (old school with pen and paper and a multitude of dices)
Online Computer games
Shotokan Karate
English football (COYG!!)
Music (Mainly a Metalhead, but i enjoy other styles as well as long as it has some kind of statement a little feeling/soul to the music. I.E. not so much radio hits.)
Graphic 2D art
Graphic 3D art
Building things (mostly wood)
Spending time in nature

And probably a lot more things I have forgotten right now.

On top of that i have tried to find time to spend with friends and family. And of course I have to take care of my job as well…

Speaking of work, i currently work as a Design Engineer at one of the worlds biggest truck manufacturer.
I have studied Mechanical Engineering at the Royal institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden, with innovation and design as my major.

Lastly i would like to mention the usual stuff that more often than not is included in presenations as these.
I live together with my beloved wife with whom I have been together for 10+ years.

We live in a house in the country side a couple of miles from where I grew up.
We live there together with our cat (Gaia)

and our dog (Ashi)

The cat is a mixed breed that we have had since her birth (her mother was also a cat of ours) and the dog is a beautiful little Amstaff.

Well that all I can come to think of right now.

Best regards,