What is Team Reason?

What is the reason behind Team Reason you might ask. And even if you don’t, allow me to explain. Of course i will explain, no matter if you allow it or not. But you still get one last option. And thats not to read what i write. But if you are still with me this far i bet you will continue reading the rest as well

Team Reason is me who writes this (Morgan) and my beautiful wife (Ellen).

The short explanation for people who don’t want to to read a lot is:

We are a Team, and we got our reasons.


The longer explanation:

Well.. the use of the word reason we will have to contribute to the artist P!nk. One of her songs where choosen by my wife to be “our song”. That song was, Just give me a Reason.

A few years after that song was selected to be our special song we thought that we should get some T-shirts made to use when we participated in races which we did now and again.

After putting in some thoughts about what we wanted the t-shirts to say that symbolised us, we come up with the idea to use the songs name. But since its was bit long we shortened it to just Reason and since we wanted to show our unity we choosed to put the word Team in front of it.

The concept of Team Reason grew over the years and come to be a thing that we more and more often refered to in diffrent situation. It was like whenever we did something good together it often was “celebrated” with a fist bump and one or both of us saying the words “Team Reason”

This page is just taking the word an additional step. We will more or less use this page to celebrate not only our team and our love for eachother, but also our love for training (strength, endurance, balance or what ever, we try everything at least twice) or love for plant based cooking, our love for well whatever we feel like loving at that moment.

So what this site will grow into or which way it will develop is anyones guess. we dont have any rules or limits. This page will go where ever the winds of love and reason takes it.

So thats about it. Love is a reason, Love is the reason. And our Love is our third team mate.

//Team Reason