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Yesterdays diet sucked. Was away at a buisness mass. And the whole day was cinnamon buns and bagles… Well well fuck that. And back to buisness today. Squats 1×10 @20kg 1×10 @40kg 1×10 @60kg 1×10 @70kg Benchpress 1×20 @20kg 1×10 @60kg 1×1 @100kg 1×1 @110kg 1×1 @115kg 1×1 @112,5kg 1×2 @110kg 1×2 @107,5kg 1×3 @105kg…

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Long slow intervals

Second run today. Deicided to go for a 10k total distance. Opted to do 1k run 0.5k walks Total time for the run 64 min. ran at 5:10-5:15 ish pace walked at 9-10 ish pace Overall i am happy with the run, all things considered. But still it felt like shit =)

Wife is back in buisness

The initial weight loss when going into a diet is always awesome. To bad its mostly stomach content and fluids…. Any how, morning weight 84,4 (-1,6kg since yesterday) Wife is back in the gym (had a couple of work outs now, and it seems to work). Lovely! Todays session Leg curl (didn’t even bother to memorize…

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Going down.

After a vacation with really shitty food (well not really, just way to much) I will now start a weight loss program. Start weight today is 86kg. Goal is around 75. One of the positive thing with gaining body weight is the strength that comes with it A decent workout today. Benchpress 1×20 @20kg 1×10…

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Lack of updates…

I blame the heat. My motivation for more or less everything has been lacking during this summer. And because fof that updates here as well. I have had a decent summer training wise. It has continued in the same foot prints as the workouts I have already logged. I have once again started with deadlift…

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Ooh the heat

Early morning at the gym. Just to escape some of the worst heat and get a decent workout Bench 1×20 @20kg 1×10 @60kg 1×5 @80kg 1×1 @100kg 1×1 @105kg 1×1 @110kg 1×1 @115kg 1×1 @112,5kg 1×1 @110kg 1×1 @107,5kg (fail at atempt on a second rep) 1×2 @100kg 1×6 @90kg 1×6 @90kg 1×6 @90kg 1×6…

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Short warm workout.

After the rather long hike that was hard in more than one aspect i am pretty beat up. Today i tried to work out but the motivation and energy was really lacking. I did some sets but it was definitly not a session that i will remember with pride.

Workout in a sauna

I forgot to write down my last work out. But it looked more or less like the others so no worries. This morning it was incredible hot at the gym. I put my hand up toward the AC outlet and it was flowing hot air in…. Anyhow i managed a pretty good workout in the…

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The short road trip

Today my wifes vacation begun. So i could take the car to the gym like the lazy dude i am =) Todays session: Bench 1×20 @20kg 1×10 @60kg 1×5 @80kg 1×1 @100kg 1×1 @105kg 1×1 @110kg 1×2 @105kg 1×2 @100kg 1×3 @95kg 1×5 @90kg 1×10 @80kg Squats 1×5 @20kg 1×5 @30kg 1×5 @40kg 1×5 @50kg…

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