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Back at it again

After some time with family issues, and with that, priorities that were far from training and diet, I am now back in business (i hope =)) Have gained some weight as well as lose some strength due to the last couple of months. But nothing that is beyond repair. I have begun a rather strict…

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Bruised and beaten.

The streak of bad sleep and food continues. I have managed to get my ass to the gym. But the effort once there has really been lacking… Feel tired as fuck and really really look forward to my mouth to heal up completely.

Non-tooth ache.

Training has really been suffering as of late. Had my rearmost molar (wisdom tooth??) surgically removed and have not been able to sleep properly or eat in a couple of day (praise protein shakes). Back at the gym this morning and of course i felt kinda week. But anyhow, the workout is now done and…

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Nothing to see here

Yesterday i had a pretty good squat and overhead press session. Everything felt fine. Today it did som bench (130kg was rather easy this morning and finished of with some leg curl and seated rows. Everything goes according to plan. But i have a sore knee that worry me some. It feels nothing during workouts…

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Another nice weekend.

Training wise this weekend were as good as the last couple of ones. PR in bench and over head press As well as improvements in deadlift and squats. A total of 400kg at least. Thats a bit of a milestone. Still have more to get. 🙂

Weekend powerliftee

Saturday Bench Squats Sunday Deadlift Overhead press A good weekend PR in both bench and OHP. Season best in deadlift. Overall some good workouts. in addition to the powerlifts i did some extra assistance exercises (chins/curls/leg extentions/triceps)


The latest sessions focus bench/powerlifting Saturday 1×20 @20kg 1×10 @40kg 1×10 @60kg 1×5 @80kg 1×3 @90kg 1×1 @100kg 1×1 @105kg 1×1 @110kg 1×1 @120kg 1×1 @120kg 1×2@115kg 1×2 @115kg 1×3 @110kg 1×3 @110kg 1×4 @105kg 1×4 @105kg 1×5 @97,5kg 1×5 @97,5kg 1×5 @97,5kg 1×5 @97,5kg 1×5 @97,5kg Squats 1×20 @20kg 1×10 @40kg 1×10 @60kg 1×5…

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A pretty good push session. 3-2-1 Squats (while waiting for wifey) 1×5 @20kg 1×5 @30kg 1×5 @40kg 1×5 @50kg 1×5 @60kg 1×5 @70kg 1×5 @80kg 1×3 @90kg 1×5 @80kg Benchpress 1×20 @20kg 1×20 @70kg 1×10 @80kg 1×11 @80kg 1×12 @80kg 1×13 @80kg 1×8 @80kg (with stop) Leg extentions 1×20 @40ish 1×15 @60ish 1×10 @89 1×10…

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After the weekend

The weekend was not very “healthy” Fun though. My weight has gone through the roof and i REALLY need to take care of it before it really runs away…. Anyway, back in business today. Bench 1×20 @20kg 1×10 @60kg 1×5 @80kg 1×1 @100kg 1×1 @110kg 1×1 @115kg 1×1 @112,5kg 1×2 @110kg 1×2 @107,5kg 1×3 @105kg…

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