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Today I’ve been feeling under the weather. Already yesterday I felt my ears hurting a bit and I was colder than usual (here in Sweden it’s over 30 degrees Celsius). Today when I woke up I felt a pressure in my throat, my ears hurt and I feel like I have no energy at all.…

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Today we woke up, had breakfast and packed us all into the car. We went straight to the island Öland here in Sweden ☺️ Me and my husband have run a race called Wings for life a couple of times and that race is across the same bridge as we drove over today. It was…

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After a rough start of the vacation, in more ways than the 33km hike we had, it feels like it’s going in the right direction. We spend our evenings at the beach with Ashi and now we are finally at our first road trip together. Ashi is now 2.5yrs so it’s about time!