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Day 5

Today I walked with a friend in a town nearby, we where catching pokemons. When we started walking the sun was shining and the weather was nice, at the end of our walk the rain was pouring down and we were completely wet in a minute. The rest of the day has been calm which…

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Day 4

This day started with a walk in the forest, accompanied by Ashi of course. When we got home I jumped into the shower and then the whole family got into the car for a road trip to my grandparents. Along the road, we had sunshine and pouring rain mixed together but when we reached ou…

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Day 3 pt.2

Still day 3. Coffee with my friends was nice, we sat outside in the sun and enjoyed the Swedish summer weather. I got a headache at the end and it felt like I was really exhausted, that was not as fun. In the evening my husband and I went for a walk and playtime with…

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Day 3

Today I woke up at 8, that’s early comparing to when I’ve gone up before. I can easily sleep to 11-12, but I don’t fall asleep at night so that’s probably why… Ashi and I went for a walk in the forest so now she is sleeping soundly. I’m going to meet up with two…

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Day 2

Day 2 started with picking up our dog from a doggy Pensionat, she has been there for almost a week and I have missed her so much. My husband drow there and I walked back with Ashi, that’s a 5.38km walk. The rain was in the air and the mosquitos where everywhere, we where almost…

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Day 1

So, day 1. I was woken y, my husband, a bit earlier than I usually get out of bed. I have trouble falling asleep so I sleep long into the next day and I want to change that. I went with my husband to the gym this morning and did my stretches and then I…

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New start

Last fall I hit the wall. My sick leave started in October, I think, and I started working in January again. A couple of weeks later I had a doctors appointment and I told her that I felt depression coming on, something I’ve had before. I started taking antidepressants and all hell broke loose. It…

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Good times

Yesterday we where going to Stockholm with some friends to see Europe. We where going to start out with dinner and drinks with friends. But the weather was not the nicest to be out in so we stayed in at our friends place and it was so nice. This is the kind of thing I…

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Movie night

Yesterday Morgan gathered some friends and surprised me bowling and dinner. It was a really fun night and I didn’t see it coming at all! Today we are going to take it really easy. We made burgers and are planning to Netflix the rest of the evening.