Decent day

Yesterday started really shitty.

Woke up early and drove to the gym. And of course the code lock was broken (as usual…)
So i drove back home, picked up my dog to drop of at doggy daycare and the i drove to my workplace gym. Since i was bit later than planned the gym session was cut a bit short, but hey, atleast it was something.
At the office i tried the new “deskbike” which is more or less a seat with som pedals for keeping legs in motion while working.
It is linked via an app with my smart phone that measures time and “distance” as well as the usual overrated calorie expenditure.
All in all, at the end of the day it said that i have cycled for 2 hours and 52 minutes. Got 50km and burned 700 kcal. Fun little feature, and definatlly better that just sitting still.

This morning i took a short run 4km it felt ok. and will later go for a short gym session at lunch.
I have so far this week lost 1.8kg (fluids fluids fluids) so now it seems like everything is working as usual again.

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