Some steps in the right direction

Yesterday all day went to a roadtrip to wifeys grandparents.

So after being sedentary all day yesterday i was itching to get to the gym. But of course the fucking code lock to the gym was malfunctioning…. So no morning work out.

So later in the day i took my dog for a little run/walk. We stacked up about 8km in a couple of minutes under the hour. It felt ok.

My weight seem stuck though, yesterdays weighin showed an 0,1 increase and today it was +0,3. To gain weight in the first couple of days of a diet is new to me. And i really cant explain it. The two days i averaged about 1700kcal. And usually i drop a couple of kilos (fluid) the first days.

I know that day to day weighins are not really interesting. But still it seems a bit different. I have no doubt that my weight will go down sooner or later. But its a bit annoying to not get the first kilos “for free” 🙂

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