Day 4

This day started with a walk in the forest, accompanied by Ashi of course. When we got home I jumped into the shower and then the whole family got into the car for a road trip to my grandparents. Along the road, we had sunshine and pouring rain mixed together but when we reached ou destination the sun started to shine.

When we visit my grandparents we always take a stroll around in their garden and this time was no exception. At the back of their garden, they had a really nice surprise for us, a big grapevine. I have wanted one since before we got a house! It’s going to be planted in our greenhouse and it already has a few grapes on it.

Before leaving my grandparents we went down to the water to throw a stick for Ashi. She loves swimming and if it where up to her, we would still be throwing the stick into the water.

During the drive home I got into a dark place in my mind. It was nothing that triggered it but all of a sudden my suicidal thoughts where there. It’s quite draining mentally and upsetting when these thoughts come and I feel empty afterward. Thankfully they disappeared after a while but it leaves a mark on me for a while after.

Ashi and our new grapevine


Today’s mood: Happy and upset…
Today’s workout: 3.5km Walk

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