Once again…

I have now got some consistency over the last couple of weeks (vacation)
This vacation i have managed to not “accidentally bulk” to much. If this (last vacation) week goes as planned the weight will be about the same at the end of the summer as in the begining, about 87kg.

I have only strength trained these last couple of months and feel rather ok with my gains. The  squat is trailing behind a bit because my knee has not been a hundred per cent fit. But at least i have gotten stronger there as well.

My plan for the coming months is to incorporate some running/cardio back into my training and to lose about 12kg weight, which i think should be rather managable over lets say 3-4 months.
If wifeys training goes as planned we might aim for “tjur ruset” (a really muddy 10k train run) in october. But that is just preliminary.

Some of my goals for the autumn is.

Aiming for 1700-2000kcal per day with at least 200g of protein.
Maintaining/increasing strength while cutting weight.
Getting back to running at least a couple of times a week
Be more consistent at updating this journal….

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