Back at it again

After some time with family issues, and with that, priorities that were far from training and diet, I am now back in business (i hope =))

Have gained some weight as well as lose some strength due to the last couple of months. But nothing that is beyond repair.

I have begun a rather strict weight loss period to get myself into decent shape as quick as possible.

I also have created a new training schedule that focus more on strength than cardio.
I have some hopes that i for the first time in my life actually is going to follow the schedule that i have created.

Another first will be that i will respect the deload weeks which i plan to have every fourth week at least for the first couple of months.

I will try to post a daily update with both my work out sessions, calories and macros and a update for my weight.

We’ll see how it will progress.

Today i weigh in at 87.4kg (started at approx 90kg a couple of weeks back.

Yesterdays Macros:
Kcal: 1637
Protein: 206g
Carbs: 31g
Fat: 43g
(as mentioned, rather strict and low calorie, but the day before was about 2200 so i dont eat like this everyday, average around 1800-1900 on weekdays, and have some refeed days at the weekend so over the whole week i think i will average 2100, which should be 500-800 kcal under my maintanance)

Yesterdays Workouts:
Easy morning jog. 3,5km (21 min)
Lunch walk: 2km (20 min)
Afternoon jog with wife and dog: 2.5km (20min)
Walk 2.5km (30-40min)

This morning i did a Gym workout, but i will report that one together with todays macros in tomorrows post.

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