Yesterday I had a short 20 min lunch work out. Focus on static training for chest/shoulders and core.
this morning we did a nice long and hard benchsession.

Wifey succusfully conpleteed her first pyramid set. And set her 1RM for now.

I started with some squat technique training. And after that it was all bench.

1×20 @20kg
1×10 @30kg
1×10 @40kg
1×10 @50kg
1×8 @70kg
1×3 @90kg
1×1 @100kg
1×1 @110kg
1×1 @120kg
1×0 @125kg (everything went wrong..)
1×1 @120kg
1×1 @120kg
1×3 @115kg (PR)
1×3 @115kg
1×4 @110kg (PR)
1×4 @110kg
1×6 @105kg (PR)
1×6 @105kg
1×5 @105kg
1×5 @105kg
1×5 @105kg

Nice with 3 personal rep records.
Rest day tomorrow feels rather needed. maybe i will go for a slow jog on my lunchbreak. But no strength training.

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