Once again i am lazy..

This weekend look more or less like the last one. But as usual i was lazy and did not log it properly here. I really must get better at logging as soon as i am done witha workout.

Anyway. The weekends fruits were among other a PR in behind neck press (57,5kg) and a really heavy as fuck close to fail bench at 125kg

Today i worked out with wifey and i did another PR with 10 reps @95kg

Wife begining to come back and did a strong 5×5 @45kg with a bonus rep at last set.

All in all it was a good session with a lot of bench, some rowing and a little occlusion curls to round things up.

For this week we have made a food schedule so hopefully it will be a little healthier than the last couple of weeks have been.

I hope to lose a couple of kilos and maintaining or increasing strength in the mean while.

Well those who live (and read this journal) will see how it goes.

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