Decent day

Yesterday started really shitty.

Woke up early and drove to the gym. And of course the code lock was broken (as usual…)
So i drove back home, picked up my dog to drop of at doggy daycare and the i drove to my workplace gym. Since i was bit later than planned the gym session was cut a bit short, but hey, atleast it was something.
At the office i tried the new “deskbike” which is more or less a seat with som pedals for keeping legs in motion while working.
It is linked via an app with my smart phone that measures time and “distance” as well as the usual overrated calorie expenditure.
All in all, at the end of the day it said that i have cycled for 2 hours and 52 minutes. Got 50km and burned 700 kcal. Fun little feature, and definatlly better that just sitting still.

This morning i took a short run 4km it felt ok. and will later go for a short gym session at lunch.
I have so far this week lost 1.8kg (fluids fluids fluids) so now it seems like everything is working as usual again.

Back to work

First day of work after vacation… Allways the same pleasure.

The last couple of days of the vacation was not really good from a work out point of view.

From a vacation view it was much better though. Relaxing and not having anything planned is… hmm.. relaxing.

I initially planned to go to the gym this morning. But when i woke up i felt that the first work day would require effort enough on its own, so i skipped the gym.

Stepping on the scale this morning showed me that i missed the mark for my plan to not gain weight during the vacation. However it was not as devestating as it has been the last couple of years.
But now its back to buisness and starting today i will once again aim for my goal weight.
Hopefully it will work out fine….

Day 5

Today I walked with a friend in a town nearby, we where catching pokemons. When we started walking the sun was shining and the weather was nice, at the end of our walk the rain was pouring down and we were completely wet in a minute. The rest of the day has been calm which is nice. Tomorrow I have no plans and that feels really good, I need some rest.

Today’s mood: Happy
Today’s workout: 5.5km Walk

Some steps in the right direction

Yesterday all day went to a roadtrip to wifeys grandparents.

So after being sedentary all day yesterday i was itching to get to the gym. But of course the fucking code lock to the gym was malfunctioning…. So no morning work out.

So later in the day i took my dog for a little run/walk. We stacked up about 8km in a couple of minutes under the hour. It felt ok.

My weight seem stuck though, yesterdays weighin showed an 0,1 increase and today it was +0,3. To gain weight in the first couple of days of a diet is new to me. And i really cant explain it. The two days i averaged about 1700kcal. And usually i drop a couple of kilos (fluid) the first days.

I know that day to day weighins are not really interesting. But still it seems a bit different. I have no doubt that my weight will go down sooner or later. But its a bit annoying to not get the first kilos “for free” 🙂

Day 4

This day started with a walk in the forest, accompanied by Ashi of course. When we got home I jumped into the shower and then the whole family got into the car for a road trip to my grandparents. Along the road, we had sunshine and pouring rain mixed together but when we reached ou destination the sun started to shine.

When we visit my grandparents we always take a stroll around in their garden and this time was no exception. At the back of their garden, they had a really nice surprise for us, a big grapevine. I have wanted one since before we got a house! It’s going to be planted in our greenhouse and it already has a few grapes on it.

Before leaving my grandparents we went down to the water to throw a stick for Ashi. She loves swimming and if it where up to her, we would still be throwing the stick into the water.

During the drive home I got into a dark place in my mind. It was nothing that triggered it but all of a sudden my suicidal thoughts where there. It’s quite draining mentally and upsetting when these thoughts come and I feel empty afterward. Thankfully they disappeared after a while but it leaves a mark on me for a while after.

Ashi and our new grapevine


Today’s mood: Happy and upset…
Today’s workout: 3.5km Walk

Day 3 pt.2

Still day 3.

Coffee with my friends was nice, we sat outside in the sun and enjoyed the Swedish summer weather. I got a headache at the end and it felt like I was really exhausted, that was not as fun.

In the evening my husband and I went for a walk and playtime with our dog and she is now sleeping.

This little fellow is sitting in a tree along the forest trail.
It feels like I have no imagination nowadays. When I try to write a blogpost my mind falls flat. I don’t know if its the depression or exhaustion but it feels really sad. I hope the feeling disappears and that I get my mind back.

Today’s mood: Tired with a hint of anxiety but good
Today’s workout: 8km Walk

Day 3

Today I woke up at 8, that’s early comparing to when I’ve gone up before. I can easily sleep to 11-12, but I don’t fall asleep at night so that’s probably why…

Ashi and I went for a walk in the forest so now she is sleeping soundly. I’m going to meet up with two friends for coffee downtown, I hope it goes well and that my anxiety doesn’t kick in.

Morning walk in the sun

Once again…

I have now got some consistency over the last couple of weeks (vacation)
This vacation i have managed to not “accidentally bulk” to much. If this (last vacation) week goes as planned the weight will be about the same at the end of the summer as in the begining, about 87kg.

I have only strength trained these last couple of months and feel rather ok with my gains. The  squat is trailing behind a bit because my knee has not been a hundred per cent fit. But at least i have gotten stronger there as well.

My plan for the coming months is to incorporate some running/cardio back into my training and to lose about 12kg weight, which i think should be rather managable over lets say 3-4 months.
If wifeys training goes as planned we might aim for “tjur ruset” (a really muddy 10k train run) in october. But that is just preliminary.

Some of my goals for the autumn is.

Aiming for 1700-2000kcal per day with at least 200g of protein.
Maintaining/increasing strength while cutting weight.
Getting back to running at least a couple of times a week
Be more consistent at updating this journal….

Day 2

Day 2 started with picking up our dog from a doggy Pensionat, she has been there for almost a week and I have missed her so much. My husband drow there and I walked back with Ashi, that’s a 5.38km walk. The rain was in the air and the mosquitos where everywhere, we where almost suffering from blood loss when we got home.
The rest of the day has been really calm and we just got in from our evening walk. We walked 3.64km in a slow tempo and there were not as many mosquitos.
Today’s mood: Tired but good
Today’s workout: 9km Walk