Back at it again

After some time with family issues, and with that, priorities that were far from training and diet, I am now back in business (i hope =))

Have gained some weight as well as lose some strength due to the last couple of months. But nothing that is beyond repair.

I have begun a rather strict weight loss period to get myself into decent shape as quick as possible.

I also have created a new training schedule that focus more on strength than cardio.
I have some hopes that i for the first time in my life actually is going to follow the schedule that i have created.

Another first will be that i will respect the deload weeks which i plan to have every fourth week at least for the first couple of months.

I will try to post a daily update with both my work out sessions, calories and macros and a update for my weight.

We’ll see how it will progress.

Today i weigh in at 87.4kg (started at approx 90kg a couple of weeks back.

Yesterdays Macros:
Kcal: 1637
Protein: 206g
Carbs: 31g
Fat: 43g
(as mentioned, rather strict and low calorie, but the day before was about 2200 so i dont eat like this everyday, average around 1800-1900 on weekdays, and have some refeed days at the weekend so over the whole week i think i will average 2100, which should be 500-800 kcal under my maintanance)

Yesterdays Workouts:
Easy morning jog. 3,5km (21 min)
Lunch walk: 2km (20 min)
Afternoon jog with wife and dog: 2.5km (20min)
Walk 2.5km (30-40min)

This morning i did a Gym workout, but i will report that one together with todays macros in tomorrows post.

Non-tooth ache.

Training has really been suffering as of late. Had my rearmost molar (wisdom tooth??) surgically removed and have not been able to sleep properly or eat in a couple of day (praise protein shakes).

Back at the gym this morning and of course i felt kinda week. But anyhow, the workout is now done and pretty soon i probably will be back in action (or maybe i should say strength).

Nothing to see here

Yesterday i had a pretty good squat and overhead press session.

Everything felt fine.

Today it did som bench (130kg was rather easy this morning and finished of with some leg curl and seated rows.

Everything goes according to plan. But i have a sore knee that worry me some. It feels nothing during workouts but starts to ache at random times when i do some movements. Hope it goes away by it self. Not planning to do anything more advanced than some stretches for now. The feeling is very close to what i experienced when i had my runner knee issues. But on the right knee this time. And definitly not caused by running 😉

Weekend powerliftee






Overhead press

A good weekend PR in both bench and OHP.

Season best in deadlift. Overall some good workouts.

in addition to the powerlifts i did some extra assistance exercises (chins/curls/leg extentions/triceps)

Chest Workout

On Wednesday me and my hubby did a killer chest work out. I don’t have any soreness today and I’m a bit surprised by that…

Bench Press

Set 1: 20 kg × 15

Set 2: 20 kg × 15

Set 3: 20 kg × 15

Set 4: 50 kg × 1

Set 5: 55 kg × 1

Set 6: 57,5 kg × 1

Set 7: 57,5 kg × 1

Set 8: 55 kg × 1

Set 9: 55 kg × 1

Set 10: 52,5 kg × 2

Set 11: 52,5 kg × 2

Set 12: 50 kg × 3

Set 13: 50 kg × 3

Set 14: 45 kg × 5

Set 15: 45 kg × 5

Set 16: 45 kg × 5

Set 17: 45 kg × 5

Set 18: 45 kg × 5


Yesterday I had a short 20 min lunch work out. Focus on static training for chest/shoulders and core.
this morning we did a nice long and hard benchsession.

Wifey succusfully conpleteed her first pyramid set. And set her 1RM for now.

I started with some squat technique training. And after that it was all bench.

1×20 @20kg
1×10 @30kg
1×10 @40kg
1×10 @50kg
1×8 @70kg
1×3 @90kg
1×1 @100kg
1×1 @110kg
1×1 @120kg
1×0 @125kg (everything went wrong..)
1×1 @120kg
1×1 @120kg
1×3 @115kg (PR)
1×3 @115kg
1×4 @110kg (PR)
1×4 @110kg
1×6 @105kg (PR)
1×6 @105kg
1×5 @105kg
1×5 @105kg
1×5 @105kg

Nice with 3 personal rep records.
Rest day tomorrow feels rather needed. maybe i will go for a slow jog on my lunchbreak. But no strength training.

Slow but steady

It feels good to be able to lift stuff again, even though I miss my big weights. But if I don’t lift the small ones, I will never be able to lift the big ones ☺️

Bench Press

Set 1: 20 kg × 20

Set 2: 30 kg × 10

Set 3: 40 kg × 3

Set 4: 45 kg × 5

Set 5: 45 kg × 5

Set 6: 45 kg × 5

Set 7: 45 kg × 5

Set 8: 45 kg × 6

Seated Row

Set 1: 15 kg × 15

Set 2: 25 kg × 10

Set 3: 35 kg × 5

Set 4: 25 kg × 10

Set 5: 25 kg × 10

Leg Extension

Set 1: 19 kg × 10

Set 2: 19 kg × 10

Set 3: 26 kg × 10

Set 4: 26 kg × 10

Set 5: 26 kg × 10

Set 6: 26 kg × 10

Set 7: 26 kg × 10

Once again i am lazy..

This weekend look more or less like the last one. But as usual i was lazy and did not log it properly here. I really must get better at logging as soon as i am done witha workout.

Anyway. The weekends fruits were among other a PR in behind neck press (57,5kg) and a really heavy as fuck close to fail bench at 125kg

Today i worked out with wifey and i did another PR with 10 reps @95kg

Wife begining to come back and did a strong 5×5 @45kg with a bonus rep at last set.

All in all it was a good session with a lot of bench, some rowing and a little occlusion curls to round things up.

For this week we have made a food schedule so hopefully it will be a little healthier than the last couple of weeks have been.

I hope to lose a couple of kilos and maintaining or increasing strength in the mean while.

Well those who live (and read this journal) will see how it goes.